Strawberry Crunch & Murder (Sweet Treat Mystery #1) by Lori Woods

Strawberry Crunch & Murder (Sweet Treat Mystery #1) by Lori Woods

Molly Jenn, along with her pet parakeet, Whammy, decides to leave her small town of Brooks and start fresh on the East Coast. With her new dessert shop opening soon, Molly is excited to be following her dream.

The last thing she expects is to be caught up in the solving the murder of the town’s bully.
Using her former investigative journalism skills, and with the help of the handsome police officer, Molly makes it her mission to find the killer before they strike again.(Goodreads)

A quick, cosy read indeed. You can fly through this book in no time, perfect for getting some quick cosy-mystery fix to quench your thirst. Besides, who can resist this scrumptious looking cover?

Contents-wise, it pretty much follows the ‘golden’ cosy-mystery checkbox. Typical yet a clean-cut plot, (again) typical yet likeable characters … the story itself is solid and delightful to read. You can totally sit back and enjoy following the main character sleuthing as well as developing a cosy friendship that will put a smile on your face.

What bugged me the most, however, is the ‘rushed’ pace of the book. This book has got only 85 pages, so it might be a tall order to expect a fully-developed story. Sure, the quick pace certainly worked well in scenes of action (which comes near the climax), but I felt this sense of ‘rush’ the entire time – literally from beginning to end. I’d like to have my stories develop at a steady pace, not at a ‘rushed’ pace. Things move just so fast and didn’t give me much time and space to process and digest what was going on. The first book in the series tend to have a massive stage to set up, I get it, but still.

I was not particularly happy with what I got out of this book right after I finished the book, and I decided I probably won’t go back to the series. Nevertheless, my mind has kept coming back to it despite all the flaws. Sure, the plot overall came across flat but the cosy atmosphere which assures me everything would be okay in the end sort of made me develop something akin to attachment. Maybe it’s this gorgeous cover’s doing.

Light, fluffy, and an easy read. I value such qualities, so I might give it another chance and see how it plays out.

4 thoughts on “Strawberry Crunch & Murder (Sweet Treat Mystery #1) by Lori Woods

  1. Fair review, Noriko. I love the sound of this from the blurb, but not so much with the pacing and flatness. These covers on your reads here lately are really increasing my appetite! 😆 Excellent review as usual.

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    1. Thanks, Yesha 🙂
      I thought the pacing was a bit too fast for me when I was reading it, but looking back now, I am not even sure if it was fast lol
      I already finished the second book, and I found it better than the first one, so this series might be promising 🙂

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